1. assume a significant level of q = 0.05 and use the given

1. Assume a significant level of Q = 0.05 and use the given information for the following:
a. State a conclusion about the null hypothesis.(Reject Ho or fail to reject Ho.)
b. Without using technical terms, state a final conclusion that addresses the original claim.
Original Claim: Women have heights with a standard deviation equal to 5.00 cm. The hypothesis test results in a P-valve of 0.0055.
2. Identify the indicated values or interpret the given display. Use the normal distribution as an approximation to the binomial distribution. Assume a .05 significance level and answer the following:
Guns in the home: In a Gallup poll of 1003 randomly selected subjects, 373 said that they have a gun in their home. The accompanying Minitab display shows results from a test of the claim that 35% of homes have guns in them.
Test of p= .35 vs Test p not = .35
Sample p= .371884
95% CI= (.341974,.401795)
Z value =1.45, P value=.146
3. For Questions 3 and 4, Assume that a simple random sample has been selected and test the given claim. Use the p value method or the critical value method for testing hypothesis. Identify the null and alternate hypothesis, test statistic, P value, critical values, and state the final conclusion that addresses the original claim.
Age of Race Car Drivers. Listed below are the ages of randomly selected race car drivers. Use a .05 significant level to test the claim that the mean age of all race car drivers is greater than 30 years.
32 32 33 33 41 29 38 32 33 23 27 45 52 29 25
4. Insomnia Treatment. A clinical trial was conducted to test the effectiveness of the drug Zopiclone for treating insomnia in older subjects. Before treatment 16 subjects had a mean wake time of 102.8 min. After treatment with Zopiclone, the subjects had a mean wake time of 98.9 min and a standard deviation of 42.3 min. Assume that the 16 sample values appear to be from a normally distributed population, and test the claim that after treatment with Zopiclone, subjects have a mean wake time less that 102.8 min. Does Zopiclone appear to be effective?


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