1- respond to one of the following below. (i) what rights and


1- Respond to one of the following below.

(I) What rights and obligations do you believe e-commerce companies should have with respect to their users’ data? Does Europe GDPR have it right or does it go too far? How is your e-commerce company handling, storing, and controlling data? How is your e-commerce company mitigating risks of liability due to potential mishandling or cyber-espionage affecting user data?

(II) What rights with respect to their own user data do you believe individuals should be granted control over? Consider what information about yourself you would like to keep private? Are there things you would not want co-workers, current or future employers, friends, current or future spouses or children, other family members, instructors, vendors, marketers, governments to know about you? Should regulations mandate receiving an affirmation of storing and/or sharing user data?

2- Which policies will you adopt for your eCommerce website? Considering the following.

Consumer Data Privacy Policy – Will your company be required to comply with GDPR or other privacy rights legislation? How doe you intend your e-commerce company will handle, store, and control data?

Content Ownership and Use Rights – Who owns the content displayed and/or accessible via the website? How may this information be used by others? What restrictions to use exist? Etc.

Community Civility – Will you remove an individual from participating on your site for certain actions? If so, what are the actions, how would bad-actors be identified and notified, would bad-actors have the opportunity to redeem self once notified or is one event enough to ban the person? Etc.

Transactions – What are your order fulfillment promises? When and how will financial transactions be processed? When and how will services be provided or goods shipped? Etc.

 hould individuals have the “right to be forgotten”? If “no”, why not? If “yes”, what should be the process to remove an individual from a social network site (i.e., Facebook) or eliminate appearance in search engine (i.e., Bing, Google) search results? What about when the person has been mentioned or his/her face in photo has been tagged by a friend? 

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