Accounting with computers: chapter 6


1. Draw the diagram that shows how the job cost system works with purchases, sales, and payroll.

2. What is the description of the Franklin Botanical Gardens job?

3. What is the customer ID for Franklin Botanical Gardens?

4. How much does Franklin Botanical Gardens owe for the one Bell-Grow Home Irrigation System (include the sales tax)?

5. What is the GL account (name and number) for the purchase of the wood treatment?

6. What is the name of the report that tells you about Bellwether’s jobs?

7. When inventory items are purchased for jobs, what do you need to do?

8. How many hour(s) did Alex C. Kornel work on the Franklin Botanical Gardens job?

9.  Summarize the advantage to using Sage 50’s job costing feature.

10. What does the Job Profitability report show?


Explain the interrelationship of jobs, purchases, sales and payroll.

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