analyzing the case | Article writing homework help

 Read the Warrick case study “Changing a University” located in this week’s Learning Resources. As a team member, decide how you will collaborate to analyze the case and answer the following questions. 


1. What insights did your you gain from reading this case? Select and briefly summarize four insights gained from the case.

2. As a team member, go through each step of the change process listed on pages 3 and 4 and critique each one in terms of what you liked and possible alternatives.

3. The formal change process was left unresolved after six months without a planned follow-through process. What recommendations would you have made to the president for possible next steps?

4. If your firm had been hired in this case, what things would have been done differently?

5. Do you think the changes will last, and do they think the president will succeed in building a pace-setting university? Provide a rationale for your position on both questions.

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