anticrime prevention part 2 | CJUS 801 – Criminal Justice Program Evaluation | Liberty University

Program: Part 2 – Evaluation Strategy & Logic
Model Assignment Instructions



This assignment requires you to develop an evaluation
strategy for a police or crime problem chosen using Vito & Higgins planning
evaluation strategy in Chapter 2. Using the evaluation strategy in Vito &
Higgins to frame the paper, you will establish goals, objectives, and
performance indicators using a theory that provides the basis for your
specified program. Citations must be used for the underlying theories. For
example, you choose violent crime as the problem you are going to address, then
you will examine the theories surrounding violent crime reduction. Using one of
these theories, such as focused deterrence, you will model a program after a
Ceasefire or Pulling Levers example. You will use the theory to inform program
operations to drive the selection of treatments, clarify the services provided,
and determine the variables to be measured.

You will also include a Logic Model for the chosen
problem following the Vito & Higgins model in Chapter 2. The Logic Model
should be in the form of a chart (an excel spreadsheet will be fine). The Logic
Model will cover inputs, activities, outputs, short-term outcomes, long-term
outcomes, and external factors.


Explain the assignment in detail. Specify the exact
requirements of the assignment. Items to include are outlined as follows:

Length of assignment
is 5 – 7 pages

Excluding the title
page, abstract, and reference section, logic model

Format of assignment
is the current APA format

Number of
are five (5)

sources are
peer reviewed journal articles, scholarly articles published   within the last five years, and

The Logic Model will be the same format as Vito
& Higgins in Chapter 2.



Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality
via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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