As speakers we are also story tellers. we use this everyday in every


As speakers we are also story tellers. We use this EVERYDAY in EVERY INDUSTRY! 

Please see the video below. As you watch the video, please pay attention to how the speaker, Brene Brown, supports her messages with facts while still connecting and captivating her audience. Do not write about her story. Write about her delivery.

write about specific tips you have learned from your reading and how you can use them to improve your delivery when speaking to others.

The Lesson Brené Brown’s Daughter Learned About Trust | SuperSoul Sessions | Oprah Winfrey NetworkSocial scientist and author Brene Brown shares an anecdote about her third-grade daughter’s struggle with a betrayal of trust. Watch exclusive #SuperSoul con…

Include page number for reference, reply to 2 peers and meet 150 min.

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