Based on your readings about four skills and competencies critical

Based on your readings about four skills and competencies critical for managers in Chapter 1 of your text, choose two of the skills and make a case for the importance of each skill for teams, organizations, and both local and global communities.Share an example of how your two chosen skills are evident in a manager in your organization, or an organization with which you are familiar.• Four critical management skills (suggested by Robert Katz and others):1. CONCEPTUAL SKILLS: A manager’s ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations to see how things fit together and to facilitate making good decisions.2. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Working well with other people both individually and in groups by communicating, motivating, mentoring, and delegating.3. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Job-specific knowledge, expertise, and techniques needed to perform work tasks. (For top-level managers-knowledge of the industry and a general understanding of the organization’s processes and products; For middle- and lower-level managers-specialized knowledge required in the areas where they work-finance, human resources, marketing, computer systems, manufacturing, information technology.)4. POLITICAL SKILLS: Building a power base and establishing the right connections so they can get needed resources

for their groups. Assess and develop your political adeptness skill using the Management Skill Builder found at the end of the chapter on p. 20. • Other critical managerial competencies:8 decision making, team building, decisiveness ,assertiveness, politeness,personal responsibility, trustworthiness, loyalty, professionalism ,tolerance, adaptability,creative thinking, resilience, listening, self-development.

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