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Your business is growing rapidly. However, you are losing customers again, this time due to logistics. Your sales department cannot keep up with production reports, making it hard to measure sales and creating inaccuracies in your accounting and distribution. Management cannot accurately gauge sales because when they finally do receive the report, it is from the prior month. 

Use the following outline to create a business case for an ERP system. For each section use the heading provided and address each bulleted point.

Executive Summary

· Write a description of the overall business case document summarizing key points.

Overview and Introduction

· Include a brief business background, the current business situation, a clear statement of the business problem or opportunity, and a recommended solution at a high level.

Assumptions and Rationale

· Include issues driving the proposal (e.g., operational, human resources, environmental, competitive, industry or market trends, financial).

Project Summary

· Write high-level and detailed descriptions of the project covering scope, objectives, contacts, resource plan, key metrics, implementation plan, and key success factors.

Financial Discussion and Analysis

· Write an overall summary followed by projected costs/revenues/benefits, financial metrics, financial model, cash flow statement, underlying assumptions, and total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis.

Benefits and Business Impacts

· Write a summary of business impacts followed by details on nonfinancial matters such as new business, transformation, innovations, competitive responses, organizational, supply chain, and human resource impacts.

Schedule and Milestones

· Include the entire schedule for the project with milestones and expected metrics at each stage; if appropriate, you can include a marketing plan and schedule.

Risk and Contingency Analysis

· Provide an analysis of risks and ways to manage those risks, sensitivity analysis of scenarios, interdependencies, and the impact they will have on potential outcomes.

Conclusion and Recommendation

· Provide your primary recommendation and conclusions.

Appendices (Optional)

· Include an backup material not directly provided in the body of the document, such as detailed financial investment analysis, marketing materials, and competitors’ literature.

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