Cla comprehensive learning assessment and dq

CLA Comprehensive Learning Assessment. The book is attached here. 

Book: Hitt, M. A., Ireland, R. D., & Hoskisson, R. E. (2019). Strategic management: Concepts and cases: Competitiveness and globalization (13th ed.). Cengage. 

ISBN 978-0-357-03383-8 

● Reading: 

o Chapter 7: Merger and Acquisitions Strategies

Please read Case 11(C-147) part 4, case studies “Pacific Drilling: The Preferred Offshore Driller” and write a paper with a minimum of 5 APA formatted pages. 

Please provide at least six (6) peer-reviewed resources in support of your arguments. 

After your learnt about the case study of “Pacific Drilling: The Preferred Offshore Driller,” provide written CLA 1 by answering the followings:

● Write a summary of the case as introduction of your paper

● Why offshore drilling?

● Offshore drilling typically used three types, what are the three types of offshore drilling?

● What was the reason for the fall of the company’s stock in 2014? Was the fall of the company’s stock related to the movement of Global Oil prices?

● Was collaboration with Chevron a wise move for the company?

● What were the challenges:

○ Competition in the market including the supply of shale oil, 

○ Technological challenges, and 

○ Dealing with fluctuations in the international oil prices 

Discussion Question 

Please read a mini case on page 302, chapter 9 and provide the answers to the following questions:

● What are some of the major complexities encountered in developing cooperative strategies such as strategic alliances and joint ventures? 

● What role does competition from rivals play in the eventual success of cooperative strategies? Please explain.

● What costs are incurred in developing strategic alliances? How can these costs be managed? 

● Should cost minimization or opportunity maximization be the primary goal of a cooperative strategy? Can both be achieved simultaneously? Why or why not? 

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