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 Provide a real-world example or describe a hypothetical situation in which a legitimate organization used spam in an effective and nonintrusive manner to promote a product or service
250 words with 2 references in APA format

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Undoubtedly, spam can be efficiently used to promote products and services of a legitimate organization. This, for instance, can occur when an organization opts to send messages to multiple potential clients informing them about new products. At the same time, an organization may consider sending the spontaneous messages to a wide cross segment of potential customers to elaborate advanced features in the products, discounts as well as changes in the prices. For spam to be regarded legitimate, the messages should only be sent to the individuals who have expressed interests from receiving them and sending the messages is typically meant for the targeted recipients. If this is not the case, spam will always be considered junk email regardless of whether the organization is legitimate or illegitimate (Hoffmann, C. 2017).

 Electronic spamming utilizes the electronic informative messages to send spontaneous messages and include email spam, portable application spam, online life spam and spam on web journals among many others. The most basic web-based spamming methods are the email marketing spam where the companies send spontaneous messages to the subscribers. Usually, a legitimate organization will use this strategy to send promotional messages to only those who have subscribed to their service using their respective email address. A critical way for the spams to be legitimately used to market products and services is the organizations being able to send the promotion messages without annoying the recipients. This can be achieved by limiting the frequency of mailings, sending only informative and interesting messages and ensuring that the messages are sent to the relevant demographic groups (Qian, Z., Mao, Z. M., Xie, Y., & Yu, F. 2010)..

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