Discussion: paradigm – discussion: paradigm 2

After you have finished reading Exploring the Philosophical Underpinnings of Research Preview the documentand listened to my intro to Module #5 video,  (see attachments) reflect on your past coursework, and particularly the F-I-P work examples you selected last week. Which paradigm seems to align most clearly with your approach? 

Identify the paradigm that most neatly aligns with your view of the research in the communication studies field.

Write a statement of your paradigmatic approach by addressing the following points:

  1. Which paradigmatic lens(es) guides your inquiry/research? Explain why you feel most comfortable studying communication in this paradigm.
  2. Think back to your inquiry courses. What types of research methods are you trained in? Which research method intrigues you most? Why?
  3. Give an example of your past work that illustrates your work in this paradigm.

Your writing should be academic, carefully edited and proofread, and about 200-300 words in length. Once finished, post your text on this discussion board as a response under the appropriate paradigm.

Post your answer to this discussion board by the time it is due, and write a meaningful response to three other students’ postings in 50-100 words or so each (this is a small group discussion consisting of 5-6 students). If possible, write a note to one student who shares your own paradigm and another note to someone from another paradigm. Your response to the student sharing your own paradigm should compare the key reasons for choosing this paradigm, and your response to the student from a different paradigm should identify at least one key difference between your paradigms.

Please be courteous when responding to someone’s claims or values. In addition, please refrain from using any offensive language or images that may cause discomfort to others in class.

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