E 8-6 (determining merchandise amounts-periodic)

E 8-6 (Determining Merchandise Amounts-Periodic) Reference page 424 illustration 8-8; unfortunately Sales, Sales Returns and Net Sales is not included. Two or more items are omitted in each of the following tabulations if income statement data. Fill in the amounts that are missing. Please show your work in the space listed next the missing amount.
                                             2013                      2014                       2015
Sales                                $290,000                 $ A?                  $410,000
Sales Returns                  11000                    13000                        B?
Net Sales                              C?                    347,000                       D?
Beginning Inventory         20,000                   32,000                       E?
Ending Inventory                  F?                          G?                            H?
Purchases                            I?                      260,000                  298,000
Purchase returns and
allowances                         5,000                     8,000                     10,000
Transportation-in               8,000                     9,000                    12,000
Cost of Goods Sold        233,000                    J?                        293,000
Gross Profit on sales       46,000                91,000                      97,000
Hint,Cost of Goods Sold plus Gross Profit on Sales equals Net Sales

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