Essay #2–breaking climate silence | English homework help

 I already finish the essay, but the paragraph is not long enough, pls just help me add one quote on each paragraph except the first 3 paragraph, and make the paragraphs longer!!!!!

For this first essay we will be investigating an important issue related to our semester together. Climate Silence. The following questions will guide you as you build your paper. You must answer all 5 of the questions.

1. What are 3 negative consequences of burning so much Oil on this planet?
2, What is “climate silence”?

3. What is your own attitude about talking about climate issues? How often do you do it? Who do you talk to? IF you do NOT talk to people about climate issues, why dont you? 
4. What do you think a college’s responsibility is towards breaking Climate Silence?
5. What are some ways that colleges CAN break Climate Silence? (At least one of your answer to this question needs to be a discussion of creative ways that teachers can “climatize” their curriculum.)

In order to support your points, you need to use the ideas found in our sources, movies, your research, and in any other handouts, books, etc. that we have access to.

You should try to include more than one quote per paragraph whenever possible, two is good! Quote length in a paper of this length should be no more than 1-2 lines. EVERY body para needs at least one quote. 

The essay’s page minimum is 6 full pages. Be sure you do Rule of 3 for each question that you pick. That will help you reach the page minimum.  Paragraph topic sentences should also feature KEYWORDS, which are taken from the essay assignments tasks.

Here is a Link to discussion of how to do Rule of 3 (Links to an external site.)

Here is a Link to discussion of how to do Typical Academic Paragraph. (Links to an external site.)

Here is a Link to discussion of how to do a 3 paragraph Introduction. (Links to an external site.)

Below are due dates for the paper

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