Financial and market data search and manipulation assignment (apple)

The purpose of this individual project is to:

·       develop your competencies and comfort with using large, corporate, financial and market databases that are available to you to support your learning within the MBA program at Pepperdine;

·       To develop skills in extracting and downloading data from these databases, importing the data into Excel and manipulating it so as to create new information that can be used to support decision making. 

The assignment requires that you choose a publically traded company in an industry of interest to you.  It is important that you choose a publically traded company to enhance the likelihood that the data you need will be available in the databases.  The Company I choose was Apple.


First step: email me as soon as possible with your first and second preference choices for a consumer-oriented company that you would like to study.  Note that to get the required 15 years of data, the company you choose must have been a publicly traded company for at least 15 years. Before submitting your choice of company, please make sure that the Annual Income Statements for the past 15 years are available in the database (see below on how to do this!). 


please see attached file and follow all the details



and please don’t offer to do this assigment if you don’t understand and you are not an expert in the IT filed 




I appreciate your help!

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