History exam | History homework help

Only using my lecutres and reading refenrence, No others outside resourse. 

It is due 5/21/2015 18:00 No plagiarize!




            Type your name in the space provided above.


            This is an open-book exam.  Feel free to use the assigned readings, lecture outlines, and notes.  Do not use outside sources (like online encyclopedias) – they will lead you astray and weaken your answers.  I will be looking for answers that come from the assigned readings and lectures.


            Work on the exam alone.


            In your essays make sure to relate specific details from the lectures and readings to the broader themes of the history of technology that we have covered.  If you quote directly from the course materials, you need to cite the source, for example (Misa, pg 255).  You do not need to cite the lecture material.



            Type your answers in the space directly below the question (not at the end).  Use the same font type, size, and color. Do not delete any of the questions.

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