I am an international student, so when you’re writing, please use


Students must use academic referencing and a bibliography in this essay (see the Postgraduate Student Handbook for more information and guidance on Referencing and Academic Honesty).The task for this assignment is to design and pilot-test a study of mediated public communication, and to produce and submit a 2800-word report of the research. While the choice of public communication issue or topic to research is up to you, you must draw your research approaches or methods from those that have been introduced in the module (Including Content Analysis, Framing, CORPUS ANALYSIS, Big Data, Visual Communication Analysis, Focus Group, Critical Discourse Analysis). The research design needs to be for a full-scale hypothetical study, but for this assignment only a small-scale pilot-testing of your design is required in terms of actual data-collection and analysis. A general outline of what is required is given, and full details of the nature of the assignment will be given during the first weeks of the module in the lectures.

I am an international student, so when you’re writing, please use simple words and sentences. And the most important thing is to use as much literature as possible (almost 20). The reading lists are in the handbook. Select your main readings from the “Reading List”, but also remember to draw on other additional relevant sources as part of your independent study. Specific requirements are listed in research assignment 1  And reference requirements are in the pictures. 

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