Peer 1 | ENG 122 English Composition II | Ashford University

address the following:

  • Compare any feedback discussed, considering especially if the comment seems to ring true for your own experience as well.
  • Discuss the growth strategy that your peer identified and how it compares to your own.

should be about 100 words. 


 Over the last couple of years, my strategy for receiving feedback has shifted. I got defensive and shut down not allowing myself to grow. I know my tendencies such as increased anxiety, tears in my eyes, and wall straight up. These barriers have been knocked down and I now find myself searching for opportunities for critical feedback in both academic and professional aspects, engaging the advice in experiments. In this course, I have received strong, valuable feedback from my instructor. It is helpful having validation in my work thus far and knowing I am on the right path. When I read an instructor’s feedback, I write it out, allowing myself to truly acknowledge what they are trying to say. Utilizing the 6 steps for better receiving critical feedback is more crucial with most academic pursuits online. Without facial expressions, hand gestures, and such it could be easy for an individual to take written words out of context. “Disentangle the “what” from the “who” and work to hear feedback as potentially valuable advice from a fresh perspective” (Heen, 2014). 

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