Perception of disability | Education homework help


Description: You will meet people with disabilities and learn that they also have a broad array of abilities. Like many people without disabilities, they may participate in challenging hobbies and occupations, obtain a high school education or beyond, and enjoy close relationships. Perceptions shape attitudes about people with disabilities, and that process can positively or negatively impact our treatment and expectations of people with disabilities. 

Directions: You will complete the “What do you see? Perceptions of Disability” module online ( 

1. Watch the movie (1:08) found in the “Challenge” tab. 

2. Develop a narrative detailing your initial reactions to the pictures viewed. 

a. What did you see? 

b. What feelings did you have about the photos? 

c. What thoughts did you have about the individuals in this challenge? 

d. Do perceptions matter? 

3. Review each of the images presented in the “Perspectives and Resources” tab. 

4. Watch the video (5:11) found in the “Wrap-up” section. 

5. Watch the movie (1:20) found in the “Assessment” tab. 

6. Develop a narrative detailing your responses to the questions. 

a. Some of these children have disabilities. Do you think people’s perceptions of others play a role in the success of children with disabilities? Why or why not?

b. Based on your own perceptions, how would you feel about having these children in your classroom?

c. If you were put in charge of a movie production about a person who is blind, what type of perceptions would you want to make sure are portrayed in your movie? What myths could you debunk? What stereotypes would you want to make sure to avoid?

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