Perform a t-test and identify several elements of the research study

  • Download the class data file:   
  • Open the file with JASP.
  • Select T-Tests, then Independent- samples t-test.
  • Under Tests, select Students and Welch
  • Move the independent variable into the Grouping Variable box, and the dependent variable into the Test Variable box.
  • Under Assumptions Checks select Equality of Variances
    • To determine which t value and df to report you must first check the significance of the Levene’s test for homogeneity of variance.  If the p value from this test is less than .05 you should report values from the bottom row of the t table (Welch test).  Otherwise report values for the top row (Student test).
  • Select Descriptives and Descriptives Plots
  • Under Additional Statistics, select Location Parameter, Effect Size.
  • The output provided includes the results of your t-test analysis.

 Template for writing up analysis results:

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