Power point presentation | Accounting homework help


 Create an original PowerPoint presentation of the final paper ( paper will be provided). It should include information that references the paper, but should not be a ‘cut and paste’ presentation. Create original graphs and charts that would easily show numerical information.  

  • The complete presentation should be no shorter than 30 slides and should include:

a)  All of the pro forma financial statements listed in the final paper as well as any other pertinent information that the student deems necessary. (statements are in the final paper that will be provided)

b) The narrative portion or script of your presentation should be included in the note section for each slide. This means, whatever you would say in person if you were presenting to a group, needs to be in the ‘notes’ section of your slides.

c) The financial information presented in the slides should come from the Financial Statements that were prepared using the financial statement templates ( will be provided) in addition to a general small business resource

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