Reflecting on the writing process | ENG 121 English Composition I | Ashford University



Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the article, Empowering English Writing Students: Reflecting on Aspects of the Process That Helped Me Most (Links to an external site.). Then, consider where you were on Day 1 of this course and how your written communication skills have evolved over these five weeks. Ask yourself why this is important to your personal and professional goals.


You have developed a sense of your personal narrative as it has shaped and informed your chosen career paths and major fields of study, something you have spent time researching, and you have been doing all of this in writing. Looking back at your posts from Week 1 (Post Your Introduction and Personal Ethos and Mission Statement discussion) and the arc of your written assignments, reflect on how the writing skills you have learned have, in turn, shaped your personal narrative and your vision for the future. What has changed, what is the same? You may find that you have more questions now than when you began this course, but these questions lead to the kind of thinking that helps you arrive at answers. This is especially the case when you use writing as a tool for thinking through these questions.



In 250 to 300 words, address the following points:

  • Describe what you have learned about yourself through articulating your personal narrative.
  • Explain how this has changed your confidence, particularly in your written communication skills, as you continue on your educational journey.
  • Analyze the ways that writing about yourself in relation to your career has changed your understanding of your choices.
  • List the top two skills you have developed during this course, apart from written communication.

How might those skills be added to your resume or LinkedIn profile to benefit your future career or current profession?

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