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 Assignment: Discuss whether you agree or disagree with your classmate’s position and explain why or why not. 

Classmates post below 


Rosie Mitchell

5/2/21, 2:31 AM NEW

I do not think tobacco products should be outlawed. I think what makes America great is the freedom to choose the things we want to choose. Although it is not a healthy habit, it is the person’s choice. If we take away a person’s right to do what they want, it would not be America. If you take away smoking then everything that causes an illness should be banned. When it comes to vaping, I believe that is worse than smoking. It is unknown all side effects of vaping. I know you inhale all types of chemicals. Working in a hospital, I saw many young kids come in from complications of vaping. One guy had to be transferred to ICU. I just think it is a new thing and can become very dangerous. Smoking cessation can help drop blood pressure, improve your lung function and circulation. I do believe that more studies need to taken on smoking cessation.

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