Spch 1311 test 3 review chapter 7 interpersonal communication


SPCH 1311

Test 3 Review

Chapter 7 Interpersonal Communication

Define Interpersonal Communication

Social Exchange of Rewards and Costs.

Know Relational dialects

What is Self-disclosure?

Joharri Window (PPT/Notes)

Social penetration theory

Communication privacy management theory

Know all stages of relationships and what happens in each stage

Chapter 8 Conflict

What is Conflict?

Conflict Management Strategies

Chapter 9 Small Group Communication

Define a Small Group

Tuckman’s Model of Group Development

Types of Communication Networks

Name task roles, social roles, and anti-group

Chapter 10 Leadership

Define Leadership

Types of Power

Know Visionary, Charismatic, &Transformative Leaders

Four different Leadership Styles

Name Three primary forces shape a group’s decisions

Know the group problem-solving process includes six steps.



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