Swot analysis of the coca-cola company


Look up current research on “Soda Production in the U.S.” for Coca-Cola

review the company’s most recent 10-K report as well, located at http://www.coca-colacompany.com/2015-year-in-review/downloads 


Then, in a well-written 5-page paper, do the following:

  1. Perform an assessment of Coca-Cola’s external environment, identifying key opportunities and threats, by doing the following: 
    1. Complete an analysis of Coca-Cola’s external environment using Porter’s Five Forces.
  2. Using the Function Approach to Internal Analysis, identify key strengths and weaknesses  at Coca-Cola by performing an in-depth internal analysis of the  company. Use what you have learned in previous courses to perform your  analysis. At a minimum, evaluate the following functional areas: 
    1. Accounting/Finance: Include your analysis of at least three (3) key  financial ratios (if you need a resource, see: Drake, P. (n.d.).  Financial Ratio Analysis. Retrieved from http://educ.jmu.edu/~drakepp/principles/module2/fin_rat.pdf).
    2. Marketing
    3. Human Resources
    4. Operations Management
    5. Technology
    6. Logistics
  3. After you have completed your Internal and External analyses,  prepare a table in which you clearly show the most important strengths  and weaknesses of the company, and the most salient opportunities and  threats currently facing the Coca-Cola Company.
  4. Conclude your analysis by answering the following: 
    1. Does Coca-Cola have more strengths or weaknesses? Explain.
    2. Does Coca-Cola have more opportunities or threats? Explain.
    3. Does Coca-Cola have any sustainable competitive advantages? If so, what are they?

APA format, required to cite and  reference your sources. There should be a minimum of three (3)  reputable sources cited and referenced in your paper at least two of  your sources must be different from the sources provided 

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