The functions of the legal health record

Using what you have learned about the legal health record and the EHR, write a 2 – 3-page paper that addresses the following functions of the health record:

  1. Health information and data management.- What main function does the EHR have in the medical office or healthcare organization?
  2. Test results management.- How does the EHR make test results more manageable?
  3. Order management – How does the EHR prevent errors when tests and prescriptions are ordered?
  4. Decision support – How does the EHR help physicians with their treatment guidelines for patients?
  5. Electronic communication and connectivity – How does collaboration increase the quality of the patient’s care?
  6. Patient support – How does the EHR help with patient education? Give examples.
  7. Administrative processes – How does EHR make a better billing and collection process?

Include a title page and reference page.

Use appropriate APA-formatting.

Use at least 2-3 credible sources of information as references

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