Unit 2 7710 seven-step model


Seven-Step Model

In this unit, we focus on the varying complexity of ethical dilemmas, as well as the seven-step model for analyzing these situations. Consider one of the following scenarios described by a professional, and describe how you would respond using the seven-step model. (Please put in the subject line which scenario you are discussing.)

Scenario 1:

The Medicaid waiver agency where I am providing behavioral services, billed for behavioral services that were not provided to the client. I am sorry to say this was probably not just an error because this is not the first time the agency has done this. My ethical conflict is that the agency did provide another service the family desperately needed, so the family has not reported the agency. The family did not want to lose the best personal care attendant they have ever had. Does this balance out? The family and child really did need this personal care attendant. Can I get in trouble for not reporting this? And, I don’t even know to whom or how I would report this (Bailey & Burch, 2016, pp. 344–345).

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