Who law is it and why should it be obeyed?


For this discussion, you will be reflecting back on the assigned readings.  The author asks a few times the questions that I would like for you to answer here: Who law is it and why should it be obeyed.  Please understand that the answers to these questions should not be your personal opinion.  Instead, please use the reading to discuss how the different theorists may answer these questions, or how they add their own questions. 

Within this discussion, you will be presenting your analysis of the issues encountered in achieving social control (obedience to the law) through the legal system.  Remember to keep this charge at the forefront of your mind as you read through your material. 

Use this prompt to show your understanding of the different perspectives, and, ultimately, your understanding of the assigned reading.  

For organization, you might want the sections of your discussion board post to mirror that of the reading.  This will allow the reader to clearly move through the arguments and will make your writing much easier.

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