Write a letter to shareholders

Explain  your simulation company’s financial performance over a one-year period.  Each one of the rounds of 4 decisions represents a year, and each  decision represents a quarter. I recommend that you choose the year in  which your company did the best. Make references to the table that shows  the financial results.

  1. What  business level strategy (cost, differentiation, focus cost, etc).  Did  your firm pursue? What about that strategy was effective and what was  ineffective? 
  2. If you participated in the simulation again, what would you do differently and why?
  3. Present a SWOT Analysis of your simulated company and write three SMART goals based on the SWOT
  4. Exhibits:

A  table of your simulation company’s financial results. Prepare (i.e.,  type) this table yourself from data available within the “Corporation”  system. Do NOT merely print the graphs or tables prepared for you by the  simulation. This table must include: 

  1. Typically, important financial statements :
  • End-of-year Balance Sheet (1 point)
  • End-of-year Profit & Loss Account (1 point)
    1. Graphics presenting the quarter-to-quarter changes in:
  • Revenues & profits (1 point)
  • Share price (1 point)
  • Minimum length 5 pages (excluding exhibits); 

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