Write each essay at least 250 worlds.


Please use the book(Gender, Race, and Class in Media edition4 author:Gail Dines, Jean M. Humez)


Read book and write essay.




Essay 4: How are people controlled by Hegemony?


Textbook #4: “Hegemony”




Essay 6: What type of values or ideas does Palmer assert affect “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” viewers the most?


Textbook #6: “Extreme Makeover Home Edition: An American Fairy Tale”




Essay 17: Rush Limbaugh is against who? What? – Give examples.


Textbook #17: “Big Talkers: rush Limbaugh, Conservative Talk Radio, and the Defiant Reassertion of White Male Authority”


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rqnyd78lMF8&index=13&list=PLxbZJqwOwe3s6wx0uHzKa1xlSiTCfslfs


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